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Denver, Colorado, April 19, 2023 – Vista Gold Corp. (NYSE American and TSX: VGZ) (“Vista” or the “Company”) today reported the Northern Territory Government (the “NT Government”) has released the final report (the “Report”) of the Mineral Development Taskforce (the “Taskforce”). The Report outlines a series of recommendations and actions to increase and enhance the competitiveness of the Northern Territory (the “NT”) as an investment destination and to position the NT to achieve its economic growth targets by 2030.

Frederick H. Earnest, President and Chief Executive Officer of Vista, stated: “The Report includes recommendations that will improve the NT’s position as a leading destination for mining investment. As these recommendations are implemented, we expect the Company’s Mt Todd gold project (“Mt Todd” or the “Project”) to benefit in a several ways.

“Most notably, the Report emphasizes the importance of updating the current royalties regime to make it more competitive and developing local skills to support the mining industry. This potentially means moving to a simpler ad valorum royalty structure and aligning the royalty rate more closely with other Tier 1 mining jurisdictions where rates typically range from 2.5 – 5%. This represents a very meaningful opportunity for improved project economics and earlier shareholder returns at Mt Todd, where our 2022 feasibility study included NT royalties equivalent to a 7 – 9% ad valorum rate, depending on the gold price and other assumptions. Skills development will also be an important benefit given that we support the use of a local work force at Mt Todd over more traditional fly-in/fly-out approaches common elsewhere in Australia.”

Taskforce Report and Recommendations

The NT established the Taskforce in November 2021 to investigate and identify opportunities to accelerate external investment in mining and downstream value-add projects to help secure its vision of a $40 billion economy by 2030. The Taskforce, which is comprised of government, industry and private sector experts, was tasked with reporting findings back to the NT Government on three key themes – increasing the NT’s global competitiveness; accelerating project investment; and harnessing sustainable downstream opportunities.

In each of these areas, the Report sets out specific recommendations and actions to support the NT Government’s growth initiative. In summary:

  • Increasing the NT’s global competitiveness – The Taskforce analyzed the enabling environment for mining projects from the perspective of project proponents. It considered what the private sector has identified to be key project risks and potential government actions that could open up greater opportunities for mining activity. The recommendations cover changes intended to enhance mineral titling, land access, regulatory matters, skills and workforce, enabling infrastructure, and cooperative actions to ensure social license.
  • Accelerating project investment – Recommendations focus on options to accelerate project investment decisions through the lens of an investor. This includes recommendations to fundamentally reform the current NT royalty scheme by replacing it with an ad valorem scheme which is simple, competitive, delivers appropriate returns for non-renewable resources and delivers investment certainty. The Report also recommends the NT Government act to support financing requirements in early-stage mining exploration and feasibility assessments to secure sound business cases for formal investment decisions and project delivery.
  • Harnessing sustainable downstream opportunities – The Report provides analyses of downstream value-add opportunities by leveraging enhanced mineral development in the near-term to broaden economic growth in other sectors in the mid- to long-term. Broader strategic, economic, social, supply chain security, and national interest considerations could justify a case for the NT Government intervention to facilitate downstream value-add opportunities. The recommendations support growing of downstream mineral processing and value-add enterprises, nurturing the link between investment and export markets, securing reliable and cost competitive energy, supporting sustainable water use, evaluating prospects for local production of reagents, developing telecommunications infrastructure and digital connectivity, encouraging and supporting circular economy principles within the mining and downstream sectors, and ensuring government policies and regulations support and enhance traceability.

As a next step, the NT Government plans to engage with stakeholders and the mining industry to obtain feedback on the approach to key recommendations and proposed specific actions in the Report.


About Vista Gold Corp.

Vista is a gold project developer. The Company’s flagship asset is the Mt Todd gold project located in the Tier 1, mining friendly jurisdiction of Northern Territory, Australia. Situated approximately 250 km southeast of Darwin, Mt Todd is one of the largest and most advanced undeveloped gold projects in Australia and has the potential to be one of the top five gold producers in Australia. All major environmental and operating permits have now been approved.

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